Creating Orders for Associates in the Corporate Shop

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Find Associates > Associate Detail > Corporate Shop
Permission: CreateOrder()

The Corporate Shop is a great one-stop place to create orders for your Associates. Submit orders from any Store and manage shipping and payments within Corporate Admin.

Accessing the Corporate Shop

  1. In Corporate Admin, find and select an Associate to navigate to their Detail page.

  2. Click the New Corporate Order button, and select a Store.

    New Corporate Order button

    You navigate to the Corporate Shop.

Finding Items

  1. Select a category from the sidebar to view items.

  2. Find an item by Product Name or SKU with the Search Bar.

  3. Change the display view with the List and Grid buttons.

    • List makes the item results layout appear in descending order.

    • Grid makes the results layout appear side-by-side.

Viewing the Product Details

Once you locate the product:

  1. Click the item’s title to view the Product Detail page.

    This page features all the details configured for the product. Learn more in the Inventory Items and Pricing Guide.

  2. On the Product Detail page:

    1. Click the thumbnails to view each image.

    2. Click the Description or Benefits tabs to view the contents.

    3. View the item’s Price and commission amounts.

  3. Click Add to Cart.

Viewing the Shopping Cart

From the Corporate Shop main page:

  1. Click View Cart in the Shopping Cart sidebar.

Or, on the Product Details page:

  1. Click Add to Cart.

You navigate to the Shopping Cart page, where you can:

  1. Update the Quantity.

      The CV (Commission Volume), QV (Qualifying Volume), and Total columns reflect the change as well.
  2. Continue Shopping to select more items.

    Navigates you back to the Corporate Shop main page.

  3. Select a category from the sidebar to view and add more items to the cart.

Checking Out

On the Shopping Cart page:

  1. Click Checkout.

    You navigate to the Checkout page.

On the Checkout page, you can:

  1. Change the Shipping Address.

    The Address Details pop-up window opens, where you can make any adjustments.

  2. Add a Payment Method.

    1. Click Add Payment Method.

      The Add Payment Method pop-up window opens.

    2. Enter the payment card info.

    3. Click Save Card.

  3. Select a Shipping Method.

  4. Add a Coupon Code.

    Learn how to set up Coupon Codes in the Coupons Guide.

  5. Override the Shipping or Tax amounts.

Placing an Order

  1. Click Place Order.

    If the order is successful, you’ll navigate to the Order Complete page.

  2. On the Order Complete page, click the order number link.

    You navigate to the order’s Detail page.

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