Refunding an Order

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associate Detail > Order History > Order Detail
Permission: EditAssociateOrder()

With the return received from the customer and the order status updated to reflect that, the final stage in the return process is to refund the payment.

Refunding the Original Payment Method

On the order’s Detail page:

  1. Scroll to the Payments section, and click the arrow to expand the section, if necessary.

    Payments section
  2. In the expanded Payments section, click the Refund button.

    Refund button

    The Refund Payment pop-up window opens.

    Refund Payment pop-up
  3. In the Refund Payment pop-up window, enter the Refund Amount.

    You can issue a partial refund or leave the Refund Amount alone to issue a full refund.

  4. Click Process Refund.

The Refund Payment pop-up window closes, and the order now has a "Refunded" status.

Refunding Cash or Offline Payment

Suppose the customer paid for the order with cash or another payment option outside the system (Venmo, PayPal, etc.), and you’ve refunded the customer directly already. In that case, you can still mark the order as refunded by doing a Manual Refund.

  1. In the Refund Payment pop-up window, enter the Refund Amount.

  2. Enable Manual Refund.

    Manual Refund selection

    When enabled, the Refund Transaction ID field reveals.

  3. In the Refund Transaction ID field, enter a transaction ID from the payment provider you refunded the order.

    This field is purely for record-keeping, so enter something that indicates where and how you refunded the order to help locate it later.

  4. Click Process Refund.

Volume Removal

When an order is fully refunded, the system removes its Commission Date. With the Commission Date gone, the system takes any of the order’s earned volume from the corresponding Associate and their up-line. The original volume amount will still display in the order’s details, but will not be calculated into the Associate’s stats.

Commission Date field

If you want to remove the volume amount display, you can edit the order and make the volume fields for CV and QV empty.

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