Viewing an Associate’s Order Detail

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associate Detail > Order History > Order Detail
Permission: EditAssociateOrder()

On an order’s Detail page, you can:

Locating the Order Detail

In Corporate Admin, to find an order’s Detail page, there are several methods:

  1. On the Search Associates page, you can click the drop-down menu next to the search bar and select Orders. The page becomes the Search Orders page, where you can search by an order number, Associate's name, customer ID, or email for example.

  2. If you are on an Associate’s Detail page, you can click the Order History tab. Select the period, if necessary, and find the order from the list.

Whichever method you use to find the order, to navigate to the order’s Detail page, you must click on the Order Number link.

Order Number link

Order Number and Status

A display of the current order number and status. The status will update with changes to the order.

Order Number with Status

Statuses can include:

  • "Pending processing"
  • "Card under review."
  • "Processing. Please wait."
  • "Card declined. Call issuer."
  • "Paid"
  • "Partial Paid"
  • "Partial Returned"
  • "Partial Shipped"
  • "Processing RMA"
  • "Payment Declined"
  • "Refunded"
  • "Returned"
  • "Shipped"
  • "Awaiting Shipment"
  • "Waiting Payment"
  • "Voided"

For more information, see Changing an Order’s Status to Paid.

Order Management Options

Order management options

Enable access to order-related actions.

Click each link to learn more.

Order Detail

Order Detail
  • Order Date - Date the Associate placed the order.

  • Commission Date - Date the commission engine counted the order.

  • Invoice Date - Date the invoice was created.

  • QV - Total Qualifying Volume (QV) earned during the order.

  • CV - Total Commissionable Volume (CV) earned during the order.

  • Bonus - Total bonus paid.

  • Local Invoices No. — Invoice number. Same as the order number, unless changed on the Edit Order page.

  • Status - Order status (Paid, Refunded, Shipped, Waiting Payment).

  • Price Group - Numerical Associate Type that relates the price chosen for the inventory items. It can be essential to know (for reporting or some compensation plans):

    • The Associate Type of the Associate who placed the order

    • When the Associate placed the order

    Knowing the Price Group/Associate Type ensures that if the Associate upgrades/downgrades, the Associate Type they were at the time remains unchanged in the Order History.

  • Notes - Notes on the order entered on the Edit Order page. If the order is a recurring AutoShip, it will be noted here along with the AutoShip’s frequency.

Product Description

Details of each product.

Product description
  1. Click the SKU link to navigate to the inventory item’s configuration.

Order Address

Displays the Associate’s address.

Order Address

Order Totals

Displays the price paid with applicable shipping, tax, and discounts.

Order Totals


Displays the transactions and their status.

  1. Refund - Click the button to start a refund

  2. Merchant - Displays the payment provider.


Displays shipping details and status.

  1. Package Number - Displays the package number.

  2. Mark Shipped - Click to change the order’s status to "Shipped". Once clicked, a shipping confirmation email sends to the Associate.

  3. Edit - You can edit the shipping details before the order ships.

  4. Print Customs - Print a form you can use for customs. Opens your computer’s print dialog box.

    Customs form
  5. Shipping Status

    • Status - Displays the current status.

    • Ship Method - Displays the chosen ship method for the order.

    • Ship By Date - Displays by which date the order should be shipped. After the package is marked shipped, this field will be labeled as Date Shipped and display the date the package’s status was changed.

    • Warehouse - Displays the warehouse from where the inventory items will ship.

    • Carrier - Displays the carrier service that will deliver the package after the order is marked shipped.

    • Tracking - Displays the entered tracking number after the package is marked shipped.

  6. Ship To - Displays the Associate’s shipping address.
    For more information, see Shipping an Order.

  7. Products Description - Displays the products in the order and the quantity purchased.



Volume Distribution

Displays only if the order’s volume is split up by Type, Distribution Date, and Commission Period.

Volume Distribution

Read more:

Order Activity Log

Displays all the order’s updates and changes, as well as who made the changes and when.

Order Activity Log
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