Creating Discount SKUs

There is no option to adjust the price while making a Corporate Shop order for an Associate. To achieve the same effect, create an item with a negative price. These are Discount SKUs. The Discount SKUs display the same as any regular inventory item. The SKU’s negative price deducts from the order total, lowering the price.

Creating Discount SKUs

You create a Discount SKU the same way you’d create any inventory item. However, they must have the following:

  • Name the item "Discount" or a similar variation that your admins will be able to locate in the Corporate Shop.

  • In the Add Price and Discounts pop-up, enter a negative Price.

    For example, if you want a discount of $1, then enter -1.

  • Select only the Corporate Store.

  • Leave the CV, QV, or Bonus fields blank.

    This is best served with a Volume Adjustment SKU you can create with a similar process.

Applying Discounted SKUs

To apply a Discounted SKU, add it to the cart as you would with any inventory item. The SKU’s negative price will deduct from the total of whatever is being purchased.

Updating the Quantity of the SKU acts as a multiplier for the discount. For example, a Discount SKU with:

  • A price of $-1.00

  • A quantity of 20

  • Will have a total of $-20.00

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