Extending Your Platform

At DirectScale, we’ve built our solution as SaaS, which means all of our clients have access to an industry-leading system that’s secure, reliable, and web-based. We’ve designed it to be full-featured and accessible to organizations of any size, but we also know everybody does things a little differently. That’s why we’ve built-in advanced configurations and integrate with a group of partners that help you tailor to the exact needs of your business.

  • Associate Web Office Configuration - manipulate the user interface for complete control over the way users interact with your brand without diverging from the data link between your corporate system and the Associate view.

  • Custom Pages - create entire custom pages to display any content based on the needs of your business. Some clients use custom pages to recognize field leaders, link to detailed product information, or drive sign-ups for upcoming events.

  • Custom Widgets - summarize any content or data that’s not in one of our existing widgets. Some clients use custom widgets to share what’s new in the company or remind Associates to renew their customers.

  • JavaScript Insertions - configure the look and feel of the distributor experience to be consistent with your brand.

  • Post-login Events - create custom popups or redirects upon user login. Some clients use post-login events to show videos, advertise new product releases, or warn Associates that they have lost eligibility and need to reorder.

  • FTP - manage your own logistics or work with a partner with whom we don’t integrate by exporting all your order details in a generic 3PL file.

  • Replicated Database - harness your data without disrupting the rest of your system. Some clients use replicated databases to run large or data-heavy reports outside of our internal, open-ended SQL database.

  • Hooks + APIs - we never lock down your data. With hooks and APIs, plug-in virtually any system and extract data to perform any task that drives your business. Some clients use hooks and APIs to integrate with their own software products or push data to an external system.

We have an extensive list of APIs, but we frequently add new APIs based on client needs. Also, we allow clients to create custom API endpoints and listen for any event within our system, like new orders, enrollments, and AutoShips to program-specific tasks. Our hooks and IfThengine systems are currently custom-built through our professional services or development partners and allow a two-way stream of communication between systems.

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