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Home > Business Snapshot is a widget that provides associates with a quick view of their most important statistics. These statistics, referred to as Metrics, are representations of certain data points in the system. You can reference information available on the associate pertaining to their personal information, rank, volume, tree, etc. Once configured, each data point statistic displays as a tile in the widget.

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Viewing Data Descriptions

Selecting a tile flips and expands a card that contains a description of the data, as shown in the following images:

Click the tile
tile flipped

Widget Versions

There are two Business Snapshot widgets:

  • Home > Business Snapshot (current month only) - Deprecated. Shows the current month’s data only. Contains no tabs.
  • Home > Tabbed Business Snapshot (DISCO 10 ONLY) - Current version. Shows the data under tabs that can be customized or removed; you can add additional tabs as well. By default there are CURRENT and PREVIOUS tabs.
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