Pausing an Associate's AutoShip for a Month

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Autoship
Permission: Autoship Date

If an Associate wants to pause or delay their AutoShip, you must customize rules in Web Office Admin. Pausing changes the ship date and doesn’t charge the Associate. This doesn’t pause the AutoShip until manually resumed. An Associate can only delay the next AutoShip run date. The AutoShip will resume after the skipped month.

Editing AutoShip Date Rules

  1. On the AutoShip page, click the icon for the configured rule of the relevant Customer Type(s).

    Edit icon

    The AutoShip Date pop-up window opens.

    AutoShip Date pop-up
  2. In the pop-up, under the AutoShip Paid section, click the Rule drop-down.

    A selection menu reveals.

  3. In the selection menu, select This rule will allow the customer to select any remaining DATE from current month or next month.

    Repeat steps for the AutoShip Not Paid and New AutoShip sections, if necessary.

    Rule selections
  4. Click SAVE.

    The pop-up window closes, and the new AutoShip rules update.

    New AutoShip rules

Changing the AutoShip Date in Web Office

In an Associate’s Web Office, navigate to the Manage AutoShip page.

Manage AutoShip page
  1. In the relevant AutoShip order, click the EDIT button in the bottom right corner.

    Edit button

    The AutoShip Editor opens.

    AutoShip Editor
  2. In the AutoShip Editor, under the SHIPPING AND PAYMENT section, click the EDIT button next to FREQUENCY.

    A calendar tool opens.

  3. In the calendar tool, click the arrow next to the current month to move to the next month.

    Calendar tool arrow
  4. In the next month, click a day for the next billing to occur.

    Date selection
  5. Click the OK button in the bottom right corner.

The FREQUENCY updates. The next AutoShip billing will occur on the new date, skipping the current month.

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