[VIDEO] Introduction to the DirectScale Platform

Welcome! Join us as we explore the DirectScale platform:

Skip to 0:19 for Corporate Admin

Skip to 1:13 for Web Office

Skip to 1:39 for Web Office Admin

Skip to 2:12 for eCommerce Shop

Skip to 2:43 for eCommerce Admin

Skip to 3:27 for Logging In to the DirectScale Applications

Skip to 4:33 for Navigating the Application Admins

Skip to 5:10 for Managing User Roles

Skip to 6:37 for Common UI Features

Corporate Admin URL: https://[CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale.com

Web Office URL: https://[CLIENTID].office2.directscale.com

Web Office Admin URL: https://[CLIENTID].admin.directscale.com

eCommerce Shop URL: https://[CLIENTID].shop.directscale.com/[USERNAME]

eCommerce Admin URL: https://[CLIENTID].retailadmin.directscale.com

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Adding Users and Roles to the Corporate Admin and Web Office Admin


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