Introduction to DirectScale

  1. [VIDEO] Introduction to the DirectScale Platform
  2. [VIDEO] Overview of the Corporate Admin
  3. [VIDEO] Overview of the Web Office and Web Office Admin
  4. [VIDEO] Overview of the eCommerce Site and eCommerce Admin

Initial Setup

  1. [VIDEO] Setting Up Company Details
  2. [VIDEO] Setting Up a Default Webalias
  3. [VIDEO] Entering Your Replicated Site URL
  4. [VIDEO] Adding Your Branding to the Web Office Admin
  5. [VIDEO] Adding Users and Roles to the Corporate and Web Office Admins
  6. [VIDEO] Updating Your Employee Profile


  1. [VIDEO] Adding Warehouses and Shipping Methods in Corporate Admin
  2. [VIDEO] Adding Stores in Corporate Admin
  3. [VIDEO] Adding Categories for Inventory Items
  4. [VIDEO] Adding Inventory items In Corporate Admin
  5. [VIDEO] Managing Stock Levels
  6. [VIDEO] Adding Vendors and Creating Purchase Orders


  1. [VIDEO] Managing Associates in Corporate Admin
  2. [VIDEO] Viewing an Associate's Rank Advancement
  3. [VIDEO] Viewing Associate Trees in the Corporate Admin
  4. [VIDEO] Manually Resetting an Associate's Web Office Password
  5. [VIDEO] Disabling an Associate's Web Office Login
  6. [VIDEO] Making Tree Movements in the Corporate Admin
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  1. [VIDEO] Using the Grid Compensation Plan Editor
  2. [VIDEO] Using features on the Compensation Plan XML page
  3. [VIDEO] Elements of a XML Compensation Plan
  4. [VIDEO] Adding and Auditing Commission Profiles in the Corporate Admin
  5. [VIDEO] Managing Overrides in the Corporate Admin
  6. [VIDEO] Adjusting Payables and Approving Payments in the Corporate Admin
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Subscriptions (AutoShips, Services, & Memberships)

  1. [VIDEO] Modifying Autoship Rules in the eCommerce Shop
  2. [VIDEO] Managing Autoships in the eCommerce Shop
  3. [VIDEO] Setting up AutoShip Inventory Items
  4. [VIDEO] Setting Up AutoShip Carts Web Office
  5. [VIDEO] Managing Autoship Orders in the Corporate Admin & Web Office
  6. [VIDEO] Setting Up AutoShip Frequency Options

Web Office Customization

  1. [VIDEO] Adding a Profile Picture in Web Office
  2. [VIDEO] Uploading Web Office Background Images
  3. [VIDEO] Adding Banners to Web Office Admin
  4. [VIDEO] Adding Company Social Media Links to the Web Office Admin
  5. [VIDEO] Adding Social Posts to the Web Office
  6. [VIDEO] Adding Documents and Media to the Web Office
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eCommerce Shop Customization

  1. [VIDEO] Adding Your Branding to the eCommerce Admin
  2. [VIDEO] eCommerce Shop Localization
  3. [VIDEO] Creating Custom Pages in the eCommerce Shop
  4. [VIDEO] Modifying Page Templates in the eCommerce Shop
  5. [VIDEO] Customizing the Site Navigation in the eCommerce Shop
  6. [VIDEO] Overriding an eCommerce Shop Custom Component
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Emails & Notifications

  1. [VIDEO] Configuring Web Office Communication Settings
  2. [VIDEO] Editing and Testing Email Templates in the Corporate Admin
  3. [VIDEO] Configuring Email Settings
  4. [VIDEO] Integrating with a Third Party SMTP Service


  1. [VIDEO] Creating Custom Reports with the SQL Report Builder
  2. [VIDEO] Using the SQL Manager to View Data


  1. [VIDEO] Using the Test Merchant in Corporate Admin
  2. [VIDEO] Setting Up Offline Payments in Corporate Admin
  3. [VIDEO] Creating and Managing Orders in Corporate Admin
  4. [VIDEO] Viewing an Associate’s Order History
  5. [VIDEO] Generating an RMA in Web Office
  6. [VIDEO] Generating an RMA in the Corporate Admin
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  1. [VIDEO] Integrating with a Money-In Payment Provider
  2. [VIDEO] Integrating with a Tax Services Provider in Corporate Admin

Launching in a New Market

  1. [VIDEO] Adding Currencies
  2. [VIDEO] Managing Translations and Localizations in the Web Office Admin
  3. [VIDEO] Adding Regions and Locales