Viewing an Associate’s Order History

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Find Associates > Associate Detail > Order History

You can view the orders placed by an Associate in their Order History page.

To view order history:

  1. In Corporate Admin, find and select an Associate to navigate to their Detail page.

  2. Click the Order History tab.

    Order History tab

The Order History will load based on the period selected with the Period Selector.

Order History List

The columns displayed are:

  • Order Number - Number assigned to the order.

    Select to view the full order details.

  • Order Date - Date order was placed.

  • Commission Date - Commission period that the order was applied to.

  • Product - All products that were purchased in the order.

  • QV - Total QV earned during the order.

  • CV - Total CV earned during the order.

  • Total - Total amount paid for the order (includes tax and shipping).

  • Status - Order status (Paid, Refunded, Shipped, Waiting Payment).

  • Tracking - Tracking number assigned to the order.

  • Move Order

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