Adding Admin Users

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Company Settings > Admin Users
Permission: ViewEmployee()

Adding an admin user profile involves assigning a username and password they use to login to the Admins and assigning their specific Roles within the company. Roles have selected permissions that grant access to different areas of the Admins.

Before you start adding admin users, you need to create Roles with enabled permissions.

Read more: Assigning Admin User Permission Roles.

Employee Profiles

Admin user profiles

Admin User profiles display on the page in a grid format. To find an admin user, enter their name or username in the Search Bar.

Added admin user profiles feature the user’s picture, display name, username, primary/secondary roles, email address, and status.

Adding a New Employee

  1. Click the + New Admin User button.

    New Admin User button

    The New Admin User pop-up window opens.

    New Admin User pop-up
  2. Enter a Username for the new admin user.

  3. Enter a Display Name.

  4. Enter the user’s Email Address.

  5. In the Locations/Department dropdown, use the search bar to select a location or department.

    Corporate is the default.

  6. Select a Role.

  7. Select a Secondary Role.

      Secondary Role may or may not match Primary Role. The system grants access to the combination of the selected Roles' permissions. If the Admin User has no secondary role in the company, then the Primary Role and Secondary Role selection should match.
  8. Enter a Password.

    Password requirements:

    • One uppercase letter
    • Minimum of 8 characters
    • Maximum of 30 characters
    • One number
  9. Re-type the password in the Confirm Password field.

  10. Click Save changes.

Editing a Profile

You can edit a profile by clicking the edit button on the admin user row of your choosing.

Read more: Editing an Admin User’s Profile

Next Steps

  1. To complete the process of adding an Admin user, the user must log in with the credentials to Web Office Admin ([CLIENTID]
  2. The system adds the admin user to the Users and Role page under the USERS tab and assigns the Standard User Role. Standard User has no permissions by default.
  3. Read more in Managing Web Office Users and Roles.

Important: The new employee won’t appear in Web Office Admin until they log in with their credentials.

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