Approving Payments

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Commissions > Payment Approval
Permission: ViewCommissions(), PayCommissions()

You can specify which commission payments to process using your payment provider (merchant). You can see which payments have been processed or failed and take appropriate action.

Creating Batches

Create Batch Tab

The Create Batch tab shows batches that are ready to process.

To create a batch:

  1. Click the Create Batch tab.

  2. With the Period Selector, select the date range when the payment was approved.

    Period Selector

    For example, you may only want to pay payments approved two weeks ago.

  3. Select the checkbox next to the Merchant type to process all the payments for that type.

    Merchant checkbox
  4. If necessary, use the search bar to locate the Associates for whom you want to process.

    Search Bar

    Or, click the arrow next to the batch to expand the Merchant types.

    Merchant arrow
  5. Click the check box next to the Associate’s name you want to process.

  6. Click Process Payments when you have finished making your selections.

    Process Payments button

    A pop-up displays showing the number and dollar amount of the batch.

  7. In the pop-up, click Process.

  If an Associate doesn’t have an existing account with the payment provider during a payout, the system’s commissions payout process will attempt to create an account for them. If successful, the payment will be made. If unsuccessful, the payment will be marked as failed. You can identify the issue and re-process the payment. For more information, see Resolving Batch Failures.

In Progress Tab

In Progress tab

The created batch displays in the In Progress tab with the status of Processing.

Processing status

While processing, you can expand the batch and view the progress. Making payments changes the payment status to "Paid".

Paid status
  If the process takes longer than expected, click the spinning icon next to the payment. This should complete the payment. If you have any questions, contact Customer Care.

If there are processing failures, the failed payment will move to the top of the list with the status as "Failed".

Failed batch

Status Refresh

Refresh the page and update the list display to its most current state.

Status Refresh button

History Tab

The History tab keeps a record of all batch payments for auditing purposes.

history tab

Payment Batch

Once you approve the amount, the payment is recorded under the payment method.

Merchant column

For each group, you can choose to process the whole batch or only specific payments. Also, you can filter out payments for a particular Associate.

The batch’s status changes to "Complete" when all processes have finished. If the batch had failures, the number of failures list next to the "Complete" status.


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