Managing Admin Users and Roles

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Administration > Users and Roles
Role: Administrator

If you are an Administrator, you can manage employee access to Admin areas.

Adding a New Employee

  1. Create the employee in Corporate Admin.
  2. Provide the credentials to the employee.
  3. The new employee must log in to Web Office Admin with the credentials.

The system assigns the employee the Standard User Role. By default, this Role has no permissions enabled.

You can use the Filter Bar to locate the employee by selecting a Role from the drop-down or searching with the Search Bar.

Filter Bar

Once you locate an employee, you can manage their permissions or assign them a new Role.

Assigning a Role to an Employee

  1. Select the USERS tab.

  2. Click the icon next to the employee you want to assign a Role to.

    Edit icon

    The Edit User pop-up window opens.

    Edit User pop-up
  3. Select the appropriate Role for the employee.

    You may need to create a new Role first.

  4. Enter the employee’s First and Last Name.

    Important: The configuration won’t save unless you enter the First and Last Names.

  5. Modify the Username if necessary.

  6. Click SAVE.

Removing an Employee

To remove an employee, click the DELETE button.

Delete button

Note: This will not remove them from Corporate Admin. To remove their access to all systems, you must delete them in Corporate Admin.

Creating a New Role

Administrators can create Roles and manage employee permissions to use or view specific tools. You can assign Roles to individual employees.

  1. Click the ROLES tab.

    Roles tab
  2. Click the + Add Role button.

    Add Role button

    The Add Role pop-up window opens.

    Add Role pop-up
  3. Give the Role a name.

  4. Add a Description.

  5. Select which Permissions will apply to the Role.

    Permission checkboxes

    All the available Admin pages are listed.

    • View allows the employee to view the page but not edit it.
    • Edit gives the employee access to view and edit the page.
  6. Click SAVE.

The new Role shows on the Role tab, and you can assign the Role to employees.


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