Assembling the Bill of Materials

  This feature is not fully developed.

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Inventory > Products > Item Detail > Bill Of Material
Permission: ViewInventory()

Use the Bill Of Material tab to build a product bundle composed of individual SKUs for different promotions, kits, etc. Bills of material track the SKU stock levels and you can use it as a shipping document given to warehouses to know what products to add to the bundle.

Adding Line Items

  1. Click the + Add Line Item button.

    Add Line Item button

    The Add Line Item pop-up window opens.

    Add Line Item pop-up
  2. Select the Item name.

    The item selected will have its SKUs adjusted. To select the item, it must already exist in the inventory.

  3. Adjust the SKU’s Quantity (Qty).

  4. Click Save changes to add the item to the bundle.

      The added Line Items will not appear on invoices. Contact your 3PL provider and give them a list of the assembled bill of materials. There must be custom development if you want to show each individual Line Item. Consult with an expert using the DirectScale Marketplace.

Enabling the Kit Groups (In-Process)

The Has Kit Group checkbox is a feature that will allow Associates to choose between product options included in a bundle by creating group options.

  When you enable the checkbox, all the configured Line Items will be removed, and the checkbox can’t be disabled within the Platform. Contact Customer Care if you want to disable this feature.
Has Kit Group checkbox
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