Setting Up the Default Enrollment Application

Linking the Default Enrollment Form

If you want to use the default form, you can link it to the Site Navigation page.

Relative URL: /{webalias}/Application?type={ID}

Editing Strings

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The default Enrollment form has String Keys with no Text Values. The following String Keys you must add to provide Text Values and Translations.

What is This? Text

In the Enrollment form’s Step 3, there is a tooltip that defines the SSN/TaxID field:

String: what_is_this

Suggested Text Value: What is this?

Place Annual Fees Here

In the Step 4 heading, you’ll see the text “place_annual_fees_here”.

String: ship_annual_fees

Suggested Text Value: Ideally, the text value should be your annual fee amount, or “No Annual Fees”.

Step 5 Checkboxes

In Step 5, you can customize each checkbox text to suit your needs.

The checkboxes strings in the order they appear. You’ll need to add/edit the strings for each Associate Type:

  1. String: by_checkmark_this_box_iam_giving_the_company_permission_type_1
  2. String: by_checkmark_this_box_iam_authorizing _the_company_to_store_type_1
  3. String: by_checkmark_this_box_iam_signaling_my_agreement_with_type_1
  4. String: by_clicking_the_iagree_box_I_acknowledge_that_type_1

For Associate Types 2 and 3, just change the type number.
- by_checkmark_this_box_iam_giving_the_company_permission_type_2
- by_checkmark_this_box_iam_giving_the_company_permission_type_3

Creating Your Custom Enrollment Form

Warning: The out-of-the-box setup for the Enrollment form may not meet your company’s needs. You’ll need a developer to create a new one with AngularJS.

Read more: Custom Enrollment Form

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