Merchant ID Reference

The following lists are the Merchant IDs for the integrated commission payout and payment processing merchants. You can also query the following Database tables for the lists as well:

  • For payment processors: CRM_Merchants
  • For commission merchants: CRM_CommissionMerchants

Payment Processors (Money-In)

MerchantID Payment Provider
1 ProPay
2 Complete Merchant Solutions (USD)
3 AuthorizeNET
10 No Payment
11 Reward Points (RWD)
12 Check Deposit (USD)
13 Cash (USD)
14 Metrics Global (USD)
15 NMI (USD)
16 SafetyPay (USD)
17 BitPay (USD)
20 Wire Transfer
32 Stripe (JPY)
98 Test Merchant (EUR) TEST USE ONLY
99 Test Merchant (USD) TEST USE ONLY
102 Stripe (USD)
104 Hyperwallet (USD)
107 Global Payment Gateway (EUR)
108 Global Payment Gateway (MXN)
109 Stripe (EUR)
110 BitPay (EUR)
111 Paysafe (USD)
112 I-Payout (USD)
113 PayQuicker (USD)
118 Cash (EUR)
119 SafetyPay (COP)
120 SafetyPay (MXN)
121 Stripe (HKD)
123 Cash (MXN)
124 Cash (COP)
125 Paysafe (AUD)
126 Cash (JPY)
127 Acapture (USD)
129 Acapture (HKD)
130 Nexio (USD)
131 Nexio (HKD)
132 Nexio Redirect (USD)
133 Nexio Redirect (HKD)
134 Import Order
140 Global Payment Gateway JS SDK (USD)
144 Nexio ACH (USD)
145 Cash (AUD)
146 ProtectPay (USD)
147 ProtectPay (JPY)
148 ProtectPay ACH (USD)
149 Nexio (CAD)
150 Nexio (CNY)
151 Nexio (COP)
152 Nexio (EUR)
153 Nexio (GBP)
154 Nexio (JPY)
155 Nexio (KRW)
156 Nexio (MXN)
157 Nexio (PHP)
158 Nexio (THB)
159 Nexio (TWD)
160 Nexio (VND)
161 Cash (CAD)
162 Cash (CNY)
163 Cash (GBP)
164 Cash (HKD)
165 Cash (KRW)
166 Cash (PHP)
167 Cash (THB)
168 Cash (TWD)
169 Cash (VND)
170 Cash (NZD)
171 Cash (MAD)

Commission Merchants (Money-Out)

MerchantID Payment Provider
1 Check (USD)
2 ProPay (USD)
97 Test Merchant (Failures) (USD) TEST USE ONLY
98 Test Merchant (EUR) TEST USE ONLY
99 Test Merchant (USD) TEST USE ONLY
103 Global Payroll Gateway (USD)
104 Hyperwallet (USD)
112 I-Payout (USD)
113 PayQuicker (USD)
114 ACH (USD)
115 Hyperwallet (EUR)
117 Hyperwallet (HKD)
122 ACH (JPY)
137 ACH (TWD)
138 Hyperwallet (AUD)
143 External Payment System (USD)

Important: For custom merchant integrations, assign MerchantIDs in the 9000+ range (i.e. 9009).

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  • A note on the Hyperwallet Money-in (spendback) solution: 

    It's possible to set up Hyperwallet as a money-in provider. This means that a user with a Hyperwallet balance can use that balance as payment on an order placed in the DirectScale system. 

    In order to use this solution, the Hyperwallet "Program" (what Hyperwallet calls their setup for each client account) needs to have "Spendback" enabled. Please work with your Hyperwallet configuration contact and request that this be turned on. Hyperwallet should then provide you with an ID that starts with "act-", that you'll put in the "DestinationToken" field in "Advanced Settings" -> "Merchants" -> "Hyperwallet".

  • A note on the Hyperwallet Money-out solution: 

    If you'll be paying out in more than one currency, or in multiple countries, you may need to use a different "Program Token" for each currency or country. If the documentation you receive from Hyperwallet Production Support contains multiple "Program Tokens", please talk with your CSM, to arrange a visit with the Solutioning team. A client table will need to be added, along with logic in the HyperwalletProgramToken hook, to assign the right token with each outbound request. 

    If you only provide the Program Token that's in "Advanced Settings" -> "Merchants" -> "Hyperwallet", and multiple Program Tokens are required, then the payout may fail until this is done. The error message you receive at payout time should be clear.


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