Customer Experience Teams and Purposes

The following is the official DirectScale Customer Experience team structures, including:

  • Team missions
  • Purposes
  • Roles/responsibilities

The Customer Experience for DirectScale customers (clients and partners) is divided between four distinct teams:

This guide details each team’s role in providing the best possible experience to clients and partners while using the Platform.

Customer Care

Team Mission

To provide direct SaaS app/Platform assistance to DirectScale clients, and help them become owners of their Platform through guided support.

Why Customer Care Exists

Customer Care is the designated point of contact for all inbound requests for support topics. This central hub allows DirectScale to manage and redirect customers to proper channels, while documenting the process through a ticketing system.

This goal is to prevent side conversations from being lost or not communicated to proper Associates causing frustration for customers who appeared to be ignored or forgotten.

What We Do

  • Ongoing support (questions and how-to)
  • Implementation support (questions and how-to)
  • All inbound requests
  • Triage all inquiries
  • Spot training
  • Bugs/issues/access needs
    • DevOps and price requests from solution partners.
  • Provisioning-chartered solutions

Customer Success

Team Mission

To build relationships that drive customers to be successful with DirectScale and their chosen partners.

Why Customer Success Exists

Customer Success is DirectScale’s proactive approach to set clients and partners on the path to success using our Platform.

They manage the relationships between DirectScale and corporate through dynamic communication and weekly webinars. Once clients have signed a contract, their onboarding experience is handled by Customer Success.

This includes:

  • Communicating how DirectScale internal services and ecosystems function
  • Checklist the steps that get clients started

What We Do

  • Consultative onboarding and training
  • Strategy session
  • Experience management consulting
  • Weekly webinars
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Weekly strategy meetings
  • Roadmap meetings
  • Invitation to Customer Advisory Board


Team Mission

To deliver customized solutions that empower customers to excel with the DirectScale Platform.

Why Consulting Exists

In 2019, DirectScale changed business models to realign our focus to empower customers by delivering a top-of-the-line experience through our Platform. This meant outsourcing the development portion of the business to focus on just Disco (commissions engine, Corporate Admin) and Cloudspark (Web Office, eCommerce Shop, and their Associated Admins).

Consulting was created to enable customers to find solutions for additional features not currently offered by DirectScale, while maintaining the status that DirectScale is a software provider not a developer.

Consulting helps clients understand the code and processes used by DirectScale to accomplish their projects and business objectives, with in-house development or with 3rd-party help.

What We Do

  • Launch Assistance
  • Consulting and guidance during launch
  • Ongoing consulting, guidance, and solutioning assistance
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