Disabling an Associate's Web Office Login

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Search Associates > Associate Detail > Login & Websites
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale.com/Corporate/CRM/BackOffice?id=[ASSOCAITE_ID]

You can disable an Associate’s access to their Web Office.

To disable an account:

  1. In Corporate Admin, find and select an Associate to navigate to their Detail page.

  2. Click the Login & Websites tab.

  3. Click the Disable Login button.

    Disable Login button

    The Disable Subscription pop-up window opens.

    Disable Subscription pop-up
  4. Click the Disable Account button.

    The button changes to say Enable Account. To re-enable the login, click this button.

Now, when trying to log in, the Associates will see following error:

Error message
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