Adding Google Analytics Tracking for the Web Office

✨ Available for Premium tier

You can configure Google Analytics tracking for the Web Office. This will track Associates in the Web Office as they move between pages and the URL changes. This doesn’t capture features clicked within a page if the URL does not change.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

The Google Analytics tracking code needed is the UA (Universal Analytics) Code. However, this code is now considered legacy by Google, who has fully embraced the Tag Manager model, which uses a GA-4 Code. The GA-4 Code will not work using the JavaScript Insertion page.

Adding Google Analytics

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Code Customization > Javascript Insertions
Permission: JavaScript Insertion

  1. Click the ADD INSERTION button.

    The Add Insertion pop-up window opens.

    Add Insertion pop-up window
  2. Select the Google Analytics Insertion Type.

  3. Enter the Name.

  4. Enter the Tracking Code.

      The Tracking Code must be the legacy UA (Universal Analytics) Code, not the GA-4 Code.
  5. Click the Published toggle on in order to publish now after saving the configuration.

  6. The rest of the settings are Multi-Faceted Configuration (MFC). Enter your specific configurations for who can view.

  7. Click SAVE.

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