Reporting Bugs or Defects


  • Bugs: Something that has stopped working that was working previously.
  • Defects: Something that is not working as intended but is still functional within the Platform.
  • Feature Enhancement: A request for something to work differently. Feature Requests do not address defects or bugs.
  • New Feature: A suggestion for something brand new for the Platform to solve.

Reporting Bugs/Defects

If you encounter a bug or defect:

  1. Contact Customer Care through one of the following channels:

    • Help buttonbutton on Admin sites and Help Center
    • Email
    • Phone

    Important: For the most accurate and timely response, do not report bugs or defects to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). If you are unsure if the bug is from your custom code or the DirectScale Platform, contact Customer Care first, and they can help determine who can help you best.

  2. To best determine the cause of the bug, Customer Care will need some background information on how the bug occurs:

    1. How the bug occurred; please give us the background information about what you were doing specifically or the steps to reproduce.

      For example, “I was in the Web Office creating a new Associate. After I filled out the Name, Gender, and Address, I was unable to save the new Associate’s information by clicking the Save button.”

    2. Include who has encountered the bug and where the bug is occurring (eCommerce Shop, Web Office, Corporate Admin, etc.). Provide as much detail as possible. Screenshots are much appreciated.

    3. Provide steps to reproduce the encountered bug. This will shorten the amount of time to fix the bug by Customer Care.

Requesting Features/Enhancements

To request a new feature or enhancement for the Platform:

  1. Visit the Feature Wishlist.
  2. Click New Post.
  3. Provide a Title and Details for your feature request/enhancement.
  4. Click Submit.

The request will be looked at and prioritized based on the customers’ benefit and DirectScale’s vision for the product.

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