[VIDEO] Elements of a XML Compensation Plan

Welcome! Join us as we show the Elements of an XML Compensation Plan.

Skip to [0:13] Using XML
Skip to [2:11] Template Name
Skip to [3:00] Volume Ranges
Skip to [3:41] Defining Volumes
Skip to [5:53] Defining Tree Volumes
Skip to [6:16] Creating Rules
Skip to [6:58] Associate Status
Skip to [7:16] Associate Types
Skip to [7:44] Ranks
Skip to [8:15] Payments
Skip to [9:08] Downline Payments
Skip to [9:46] Defining Pools
Skip to [10:06] Defining KPIs
Skip to [11:25] Adding Rank Values to the Database

Available Volume Ranges

Available Volumes

Base Associate Types, Associate Types, and Price Groups Explained

Adding Associate Types

Corporate Admin URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale.com


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