Adding Corporate Social Links to the Web Office

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Web Office Configuration > Social Links
Permission: Social Links

The Home > Corporate Social Links widget gives you the ability to link directly to corporate social media channels. This widget will appear on the widget pages it’s added to (such as the Homepage or Team Dashboard). You add the social links in the Web Office Admin.

Home > Corporate Social Links widget

Adding a Social Link Tile

  1. Click the ADD SOCIAL LINK button.

    The Add Social Link pop-up window opens.

    Add Social Link pop-up window
  2. Enter the social link Name.

      This won’t display in the Web Office, but will give it a name to display in the Admin page.
  3. Click the Type dropdown, and select the social media site to which you want to link.

      This will pull in the social media icon and background color.

    If you select Custom Link, you can upload an SVG icon and enter the tile background color.

  4. Enter the Link URL.

    For external pages, enter the full URL including the protocol https:// (for example,

Uploading a Custom SVG

  1. If you selected Custom Link in the Type dropdown, you can enter the background color hexadecimal code (such as, #3B5998).

  2. Click the CLICK TO SELECT SVG box to open your computer’s file finder.

  3. Select your icon.

Saving the Configuration

  1. Click the Published toggle on to publish the social link now after you save the configuration.

    Alternatively, you can publish the widget from the Social Links List by clicking the icon.

  2. The rest of the settings are Multi-Faceted Configuration (MFC). Enter your specific configurations for who can view the widget.

  3. Click SAVE.

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