Fraud Prevention Overview

Fraud prevention is attached to the order process. It validates credit cards before they’re processed. Fraud prevention can only validate orders that use credit cards as the payment method. Two fraud prevention providers are supported in the DirectScale Platform:

If you haven’t already, create an account with the provider you wish to use.

✨ Starter Tier must use the default providers listed above. For Business and Premium Tiers, if there is a provider not on the list you want to use, there will have to be custom development. Contact Customer Care for more details.

Configure the system and make sure it is working correctly. Being familiar with your fraud provider’s dashboard, rule system, and review system is extremely important. It would be best if you were comfortable with the Fraud Prevention system’s functionality before adding the DirectScale Platform credentials.

Using Kount with Nexio

For Nexio, it is not recommended to enable the Enable Kount setting. This feature is limited in functionality and could cause some potential errors if implemented incorrectly.

When Kount sends back a fraud status of "Review," the system isn’t developed with Nexio to accept this status and wait for a response; instead, the system declines the order. The system only supports an initial pass/fail during the review, with the resulting payment statuses being "Accepted" or "Rejected". To reconcile any "Rejected" orders, you can cancel and re-process them.

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