Understanding SpendBack

SpendBack is the concept of Associates using their commission payments to purchase more products from you.

Many of our merchant integrations offer SpendBack as a service:

For many merchants, SpendBack is initiated by an Associate selecting their merchant from the Payment Method options or using a prepaid card supplied to them by the merchant. The order is paid for using the funds in an Associate’s merchant account.

The benefit of SpendBack, according to ProPay, is that "all transactions stay within your chosen merchant’s network, simplifying ordering, reducing transaction costs, and accelerating the order process."

To use SpendBack, you must set up your merchant for money-in (payment processing) and money-out (commission payments). Depending on the merchant, this may involve custom development.

  You can find a solution provider to build this option with the DirectScale Marketplace.

For other merchants, SpendBack is easier to set up. Read the following guides to learn more:

For any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Customer Care.

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