Dealing with the Sad Robot Error

While using Corporate Admin, you may have come across an error page that looks like the following:

Sad Robot

Internally dubbed the “Sad Robot”, this page can display for various reasons, such as a 404 not found or 503 internal server error.

What you may not know about this page is that it contains hidden details about the cause of the error.

  • If you hover your mouse on the white space below the image, your mouse cursor will turn to a pointer.
  • If you click on this area, a “stack trace” will appear.
Hidden area

If you want to report your error to our Customer Care team, this stack trace is beneficial to include in your message; it helps us track down the source of the error. From there, we can provide you the most accurate response.

So to recap, if the Sad Robot appears:

  1. Click the white space to reveal the stack trace.
  2. Copy the stack trace.
  3. Contact Customer Care, and include the copied stack trace in your message.
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