Release Notes: December 19, 2019


Here’s what’s new with DirectScale the week of December 19th 2019.

The holidays are upon us and we are still working hard to deliver some fantastic presents before 2019 wraps up.  This is our last release of 2019! We will start back up on our regular release cadence the first full week of January. 

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🎁 New Features and 🌟 Enhancements for all!

🎁 New! Custom Report Pages via SQL [Corporate Office] In addition to building custom report pages with our visual builder, you now have even more control to build custom report pages with full SQL!  So build reports to your heart's content. (read how)

🌟 Improved! Lots of Tech Health in the Web Office [Web Office] Our developers have been cleaning up code and moving to .NET, eliminating some unnecessary and unused settings, removing custom client code that made it into the base product(!), and automating more settings around initializing new clients.  Tons of good, techy stuff!


🐞 Bugs that have been squashed

🐞Fixed: I-Payout Batch Payout Not Approving [Corporate Office] When paying out commissions the first payment was the only one being approved.  We fixed our integration to comply with how I-Payout prefers to do batching of payments. 

🐞Fixed: Full Tax Charged on Discounts [Corporate Office / Web Office] Tax was always being calculated on the full price of an item and ignored the discounted value.  All clients who were using discounts have been notified. This does not change how tax is calculated when coupons are used. 

🐞Fixed: Users Unable to Login with Alternate Option [Web Office] The setting to allow users to log in with their username, email, or ID was broken and users could only log in with their username.  Now the setting works and users who are able to log in with these alternate means shouldn’t be frustrated anymore. 


🔮 What cool things are we working on

  • Even more Corporate Office reporting enhancements to make it easier to write with SQL. 
  • Some small changes to the Inventory area in Corporate Office to remove broken or unused functionality.
  • Better backup options for when tax providers go down. 

Is something missing from this list?  Report bugs that you’ve found to our amazing Support Team by chatting them in product or submitting a request here.  

Do you have a cool idea for a new feature?  Join the community discussion to suggest new features and see other ideas you might have never thought of here



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