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Because the URL format for the retail site is shop.domain/webalias/xxx, when you have a custom page, for example, there is no easy way to link between pages because of the webailas in the URL at the end.  Using {webalias} appears to only work for certain admin features like banners, but using {webalias} in a href path from a custom page, for example, does not populate the appropriate web alias.  Currently, the only way I know to accomplish this is to create a custom javascript function for each link that calls the userService to fetch the webalias.  This is a lot of work just to add a link to another page.


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    Dynamically pulling in the user's WebAlias into "custom content" sections such as custom pages, custom widgets, and custom templates is supported through invoking the User Data Model via Razer syntax. In this case, it would be: 


    Just insert @User.AssociateWebAlias where you need it to render in the custom content (including in hyperlinks).

    Note that the User Data Model is tied into the same data as the DS Query Language, meaning that it has access to all user data points supported in the GetAssociateDataPointCategories call. For more info, you can reference

  • Thanks Russell for the detailed explanation.  My hope with this feature request is that a product improvement can be made that will make this easier.  We can already use {webalias} in a link path for product-supported banners via the banners admin tool, and it would be great to be able to use that same merge code in simple html like href="/{webalias}/custom-page so that anyone could create a link.  We are talking about a simple link, yet it takes experience in angular to do it.

  • Admin Team Thank you!

    Since the Associate Data Points list is what's available, then there are several useful elements easily available on these pages. I'll check out the custom content link you provided.


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