Release Notes: February 13, 2020


Here’s what’s new with DirectScale the week of February 13th, 2020.

This week of love (Happy Valentine’s Day!) is especially magical for us here at DirectScale because we get to finally introduce a baby that we have been working on for the last few months: the Commission Plan Editor! 😍💖 Along with this game changing feature, there are a lot of other lovely updates to admire.  

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🎁 New Features and 🌟 Enhancements for All!

🎁 New! Create your own Compensation Plan in XML [Corporate Office] The compensation plan is the lifeblood of any direct selling company. It should be solid and reliable yet, at the same time, dynamic and flexible to the growing needs of the field. Why in the world has this industry relied solely on unicorn developers that understand both comp plans and how to code them properly? We don’t know either, so we built a Comp Plan Editor that works with XML! This easy to understand builder uses commands so anyone who works with comp plans has the power to create, test, tweak, refine, and maximize returns without a developer or rolling code. 🤯 (read how).

🎁 New! Associate Search Indexing Admin [Corporate Office] When a developer is making manual updates directly in the database (via the Data Manager or direct importing) the search results will not catch the updates until the indexes are refreshed. This new page gives developers the tools to refresh the index so the new changes are applied. This new page is found in Advanced Settings > Associate Search Tools.

🎁 New! Service Log is now Account Activity with Tabs for Service Log and Notification Log [Corporate Office] We understand that the Service Log on the Associate record was a little much. We are starting some improvements beginning with taking all notification events and moving them into their own tab called Notification Log and renaming the main section Service Log. 

🌟 Improved! Logging Changes to Email Settings [Corporate Office] We are continuing to add change logs to all changes in the Corporate Office and now we are tracking the history of all changes made to the Email SMTP settings. 

🌟 Improved! Google Analytics Widget Limit to 20 Characters [Web Office] To improve the safety of the Retail Site and replicated sites, we are limiting the input of characters on the Google Analytics Widget to 20 characters.

🌟 Improved! Lots of Pages Made Publishable [Web Office Admin] We use the Publish feature to make it easy to make a change in one environment and push it to another. Now there is publishable support on the Autoships, Volumes and Order History, Details, and Custom Notifications pages.

🌟 Improved! Banner Changes Added to Activity Log [Retail Site Admin] Now when changes are made to a banner in the Retail Site Admin they will be logged with the details on what was added, updated, or deleted.


🐞 Bugs That Have Been Squashed

🐞Fixed: Reports > Sales Tax Report Wasn’t Calculating Tax Correctly [Corporate Office] Tax was being charged and recorded correctly on the order, but the report that shows how much Sales Tax is being collected was using a different method to determine tax. Now the report uses the same method that the order does so the numbers match.

🐞Fixed: Reports > Abandoned Orders Report Errors [Corporate Office] This report used to rely on the country to filter and sort. The new Retail Site wasn’t always collecting the country on abandoned orders which would cause this report to fail. Now the report returns all orders regardless if a country is collected or not.

🐞Fixed: Retail Checkout Shows Shipping Cost Before Address [Retail Shop] The shopping cart was showing a shipping charge of $0 if the address hasn’t been entered in yet. The user wouldn’t see an error that their address was missing until they went to checkout. Now the shoppers will see “Add address to calculate shipping cost” if they haven’t put in their address yet.

🐞Fixed: User Configuration not Working on Insertions [Retail Shop] All JavaScript insertions were showing regardless if configuration had been added to the asset or not. This has been fixed so code only gets inserted under the configuration conditions.

🔮 What Cool Things Are We Working On?

  • We are exploring ideas around making more commissions data visible in the Web Office.
  • Better reporting options in the Web Office for weekly commission periods that don’t match the calendar week
  • Better backup options for when tax providers go down. 
  • Ongoing Retail Admin improvements to improve ease of use and add new configurable settings.


Is something missing from this list? Report bugs that you find to our amazing Support Team by chatting with them from the platform or submitting a request here.  

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