Release Notes: October 22 & 29, 2021



Here’s What’s New with DirectScale for the Weeks of October 22nd and 29th, 2021

Version: 1.0.4913.0 and 1.0.4926.0

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🎁 New WebHook Events Added

To better support third-party shopping integrations, we’ve added new events to the Event Bus:

  • Inventory Item Created

  • Inventory Item Updated

  • Inventory Item Deleted

  • Order Created

  • Order Updated

  • Order Finalized

  • Order Voided

  • Order Payment Created

  • Order Payment Status Updated

  • Order Payment Refunded

  • Order Package Created

  • Order Package Updated

  • Order Package Status Updated

💰 Added Coupon Results Detail Calculate Customer Order Total Endpoint

To help out client developers, we’ve added a CouponResults response object to the Calculate Customer Order Total Public API endpoint. With this new object, client developers can now know whether or not an applied coupon worked.

Example CouponResults response object:

"CouponResults": [
      "Code": "TST_CPN_1",
      "IsValid": true,
      "Message": null,
      "Discount": 5.0
      "Code": "TST_CPN_2",
      "IsValid": false,
      "Message": "This is an invalid coupon",
      "Discount": 0

For more information, see Calculate Customer Order Total.

✅ Updated Submit Enrollment Form Public API Endpoint

We’ve updated the Submit Enrollment Form endpoint to include additional fields:

  • ShippingAddress

  • CouponCodes

  • Placements

  • AssociateCustom

For more information, see Submit Enrollment Form.

🐞 Fixed Inventory Not Displaying Correctly with Identically Name Options

We improved a defect that created an issue when inventory items have the same name as an option. With this fix, inventory item options now display correctly, even when the option names are identical.

For more information on inventory item options, see Adding Item Options.

🌄 What’s on the Horizon?

  • Adding additional fields in the Get Customer Autoships Public API

  • Redesigning the Corporate Admin UI

  • New dashboard and reports

  • Corporate Admin Settings Reference Guide

🙏 Is something missing from this list? Report bugs that you find to our amazing Customer Care team by chatting in from the Platform or submitting a request.

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