Release Notes: June 24, 2022


Corporate Admin

  • Nexio Alternate Payment Methods - Added backend support to offer additional Alternate Payment Methods (APMs) via Nexio. Click here for more information. 
  • Global Payroll Gateway - Corporate Admin upgrade for the Global Payroll Gateway (GPG) payment processing merchant.
  • SQL Server Firewall Rules - Page updates to provide the ability to allowlist an IP address or range at a database level. Click here for more information. 

Web Office

  • Custom Notifications -  Consolidated notifications settings in Web Office Admin. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Improvements

  • Corporate Admin update to add additional filter options to the Period Selector on the Dashboard page. 
  • Corporate Admin improvements to prevent users from creating duplicate Payment Method mappings.
  • Corporate Admin enhancements for the Nexio money-in integration to ensure payment tokens are kept up to date by removing tokens that are no longer in use.



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