Transferring Inventory

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Inventory Settings > Transfers
Permission: ViewTransfers()

You can transfer inventory between your warehouses using the Transfers page. This page works together with the Receiving page. One party uses the Transfers page to send the merchandise, and the other can mark it received on the Receiving page.

  You must have more than one warehouse set up. Learn how in Configuring Warehouses.

Entering Transfer Details

  1. Click the + Add Transfer button.

    Add Transfer button

    You navigate to the Create Transfer page.

    Create Transfer page
  2. Click the From drop-down, and select the origin warehouse.

  3. Click the To drop-down, and select the destination warehouse.

      A warehouse can’t transfer to itself. You must select different To and From warehouses. Else, an error will display when saving.
  4. Enter the Shipping Method name.

  5. Enter any Notes necessary for the receiving party.

Next, add inventory items to the transfer.

Adding Inventory Items

  1. Click the Add Item button to add inventory items to transfer.

    Add Item button

    The Add Item pop-up window opens.

    Add Item pop-up
  2. In the pop-up, select an inventory Item.

  3. Enter the item Quantity (Qty).

  4. Enter the Price to charge for Each.

    The Price is multiplied by the Quantity.

  5. Click Save changes to add the item.

    The item shows on the Transfer page.

Now, add any additional details to the transfer.

Adding Additional Details

On the Transfer page, before submitting the transfer, you can:

  1. Enter the Shipping Cost.

  2. Enter the MF Number and BA Number if applicable.

    These numbers are relevant for importing/exporting transfers.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Your new transfer sorts in the Transfers List on the Transfers page. From this list, you can:

  • Print the invoice.

  • Edit the details.

  • Ship the transfer.

  After you mark the transfer "Shipped", the only option available is to Print the invoice.

Receiving a Transfer

After you mark the transfer as "Shipped", another Admin can receive it. Learn how in Receiving Inventory.

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