Receiving Inventory

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Inventory > Receiving
Permission: ViewReceiving()

You can keep track of any incoming inventory or returns on the Receiving page.

Viewing Receiving Order Details

  1. Filter the results by the Warehouse.

  2. Click the entry’s ID link.

    You navigate to the {Type} Order Detail page.

    Order Detail page

    The page name denotes the shipment type:

  3. View the order’s shipment and inventory details.

  4. Click Receive to start the reception process (from Step 3 in the following section).

Receiving Shipments

  1. Filter the results by the Warehouse.

  2. Click the Receive button on the entry.

    Receive button

    You navigate to the Receive {Type} page.

    Receive page
  3. Enter the QTY Received and QTY Damaged for each SKU.

    The sum of these numbers has to match the quantity shipped.

    Damaged quantities are not included in the warehouse’s total Stock Levels adjustment.

  4. If necessary, enter any Port Charges, and select the charges' Currency.

  5. Click Process Receiving.

Testing the Reception

  1. Navigate to the Stock Levels page.

  2. Filter the results by the Warehouse.

Processed received quantities add to the On Hand amount for the relevant item in the warehouse.

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