New Retail Customers have "No Address on File"


There is an issue with our Retail Customer type enrollment process. Many of them don’t have a specified address. I have located 50 cases by searching “no address” on the Search Associates page.

Many of them have no orders; some have orders that were shipped. How could the orders ship without an address in the system? Is this an error in how DirectScale displays data, or are the addresses genuinely missing?


In the eCommerce Shop, Retail Customer Associate types are taken to the /signup page before they are checking out, and they can create an account with or without purchase. The Sign Up page requires first name, last name, email, username, and password. The customer’s address is not required at this point.

Sign Up page

As soon as a Retail Customer submits the sign-up form, the account is created and will have a “No Address on file” on their Detail page until they make an order (right after account creation, on the same day/time).

Associate Detail page > Billing & Payment section, “No Address on file”

The problem occurs when this Retail Customer created their account but didn’t place an order. If the Retail Customer returns later (i.e., not right after account creation or on the same day/time) to place an order, they will enter a shipping address, adding the address for the order but not for the account. Thus, the order was shipped while still having “No Address on file” on their account.

If you would like to collect the address when a Retail Customer first signs up:

  1. Create a custom Sign Up page in eCommerce Admin.
  2. There is a SignUp Page Template you can enable as a starting point.

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