Added Banners Are Not Displaying in the eCommerce Shop


Added banners are not displaying in the eCommerce Shop.


Admin: eCommerce Admin
Page: Company Settings > Settings
Permission: Admin Settings

If banners have been configured correctly but are not displaying where they should, it’s possible they haven’t been enabled.

On the Company Settings > Settings page:

  1. Click the Home section to expand it.

    Home section
  2. Here, you can click the banner and bannerSecondary toggles to enable the Primary homepage slide-show and the Secondary 2x2 content block. Click the Save button.

    banner toggle
    secondaryBanner toggle
  3. Click the Product section and click the banner toggle to enable the Products slide-show on the Products page.

    Product section
    banner toggle
  4. Click the Save button.

The banners now appear in their proper places.

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