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The Home > Community widget is used for posting to the Web Office Community page.

Web Office Community page

Using the Widget

The Community widget offers a feed of the most recent Community posts.

To add a post:

  1. Click the Add a post… field.

    Expanded field
  2. Enter post content.

  3. Click the POST button.

The new post appears at the top of the feed.

Attaching an Image

You can attach an image to a new post:

  1. Click the icon.

  2. Select an image file (PNG, JPEG, TIF, etc.) from your computer and click Open.

    Computer dialog box

    The image attaches to the post.

    Attached image

Viewing a Post

The widget shows the last three community posts in the feed.

If the post is greater than 75 characters, then a READ MORE.. link appears.

READ MORE.. link

Click the post content to view the post.

Expanded post

Commenting on a Post

  1. Click the icon or the post content to view the post.
  2. Enter your comment in the Add a comment field.
  3. Click POST COMMENT.

Liking a Post/Comment

Click the icon in a post or comment to like the content.

Hovering over the icon displays the other Associates who liked the post.

To unlike a post, click the icon again.

Deleting a Post/Comment

Associate’s can delete their own posts and comments by clicking the icon.

There’s no confirmation for deleting posts or comments, so be sure before you attempt.

Managing Web Office Community

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