Shipping an Order

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associate Detail > Order History > Order Detail
Permission: EditAssociateOrder()

On an order’s Detail page, you can change the order status to "Shipped".

  You can only mark an order "Shipped" if it has a "Paid" status.

Checking the Shipment Details

  1. In a "Paid" order’s Detail page, scroll down to the Packages section.

  2. Check the shipment details, such as the Ship Method, Ship By Date, Warehouse, and Ship To address.

    Packages section
  3. If any details need to change, click the button to navigate to the Edit Package page.

    Edit button
    Edit Package page

    Otherwise, you can change the status.

Changing the Status

  1. If the details of the shipment are set, click the Mark Shipped button.

    Mark Shipped button
  2. In the pop-up, enter the Carrier delivering the shipment.

    Mark Package Shipped pop-up
  3. Enter the Tracking Number, if available.

  4. Click the Mark Shipped button to confirm the shipment.

The pop-up closes, and the order status changes to "Shipped". The customer will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number.

Shipped Status
  If all an order’s packages haven’t shipped, the order status will be "Partially Shipped". For more info, see Package Group in Configuring Inventory Item Data.

The following fields update with a "Shipped" status:

Shipment details
  • Ship By Date is now labeled as Date Shipped. Displays the date you changed the package status.

  • Carrier and Tracking display information added in the Mark Package Shipped pop-up.

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