Setting up a Warehouse

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Inventory Settings > Warehouses
Permission: ViewInventory(), *ViewWarehouses()

A warehouse is any location from where you fulfill orders. By default, you have a primary warehouse configured. You can customize this warehouse to fit your needs or create a new one. You can add as many warehouses as you need to fulfill your orders.

If you’re using a third-party logistics provider, the provider must have its own warehouse configuration.

To add a warehouse:

  1. Click + Add Warehouse to navigate to the Edit Warehouse page.

  2. Enter basic details of the warehouse:

    • Warehouse Name (Required) - Enter the warehouse’s name.

    • Country (Required) - Select from a list of added countries in which the warehouse resides.

    • Logistics Provider (3PL) - If you are using a third-party logistics provider, select your provider option from the dropdown.

      • Select None if you are doing your fulfillment in-house.

    • 3PL Setting - If you are using IntegraCore (Visible) as your 3PL, enter 1; otherwise, leave blank.

  3. Enter addresses provided by your 3PL. If you are not using a 3PL, you can leave these sections blank.

    • Warehouse Address - 3PL’s distribution origin

    • Import Address - 3PL’s address to import goods

    • Export Address - 3PL’s address to export goods

  4. Click Save Changes.

Next, you can add shipping methods.

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