Viewing an Associate's Rank Advancement

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Search Associates > Associate Detail
Permission: EditAssociate()

You can see how much volume an Associate needs to accumulate to reach a certain Rank on the Rank tab on an Associate’s Detail page. The data from this tab is based on the set XML Stats compensation plan template.

To view an Associate’s Rank progress:

  1. In Corporate Admin, find and select an Associate to navigate to their Detail page.

  2. Click the Rank tab.

This tool has three key features:

Rank features
  1. Rank dropdown

  2. Period Selector

  3. Rank Qualification table

The Rank dropdown contains all available Ranks.

  1. Select a Rank to load the Rank qualification data in the table.

  2. Select a different time period with the Period Selector.

Rank Qualification table

The Rank Qualification table displays:

  1. The volume name

  2. The Associate’s current accumulation

  3. The required amount left to achieve

  4. Their progress in percent compete.

  An Associate can see their progress in their Web Office Home > Ranks Information widget.
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