Creating a Commission Run Profile

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Commissions > Commission Runs
Permission: ViewCommissions(), ProfileCommissions()

You can create weekly and monthly Commission Profiles to model your compensation template and ensure that your projected payout is correct. View these profiles and approve the numbers before committing them for payment. Profiling is the process of running the commission period calculations. The profile is commonly known as an uncommitted commission period. When a commission period profile is run or created, it does not exist in Corporate Admin. The Commission Profile becomes a commission period when it is committed.

To create a profile:

  1. Click the New Profile button.

    The New Profile pop-up window opens.

    New Profile pop-up
  2. In the pop-up, add a Description.

    This helps give context to the purpose of the profile. You can use profiles to test commissions or determine progress. Give testing profiles a name like "test profile" to avoid confusion for the reviewer.

  3. Select the compensation plan Template you want to use.

    These templates define the specifics of the profile. You create these templates in the XML Compensation Plan Builder page if enabled.

  4. Use the Expire On calendar tool to select a date at which the profile expires.

  5. Select the commission Period you want to audit.

    These periods correlate with the selected Template and display only uncommitted periods.

  6. Click Create Profile.

You can create many commission profiles for the same commission period to test and audit. New profiles appear in the Uncommitted Commission Runs List until they’re committed or expired. An Expired Commission Run Notice displays when a commission run has expired. Any process that runs for 15 minutes on the same step will move to an Expired status. If it expires, it will stop looking for updates. To start the update again, refresh the Commission Profile page.

In the next section, we’re going to what tools you have to view and audit the commission profile.

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