Committing a Commission Profile

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Commissions > Commission Runs > Commission Profile
Permission: ViewCommissions(), ProfileCommissions()

After the first round of audits, you can return to the Commission Profile to do a second round of auditing. Another person should do this to provide a second pair of eyes on the data. This ensures it is accurate and ready to pay. Committing is the process of taking a Commission Profile and committing all the calculations to the Corporate Admin Database.

Locating a Profile

On the Commission Runs page:

  1. Use the Period Selector to find the Commission Profile.

    The default range is the last seven days.

  2. Once located, click the button.

    View button

This navigates you to the Commission Profile page, where you can begin auditing.

Read more about your auditing tools in Auditing Commission Profiles.

Locking a Profile

In the Commission Profile, after reviewing the information and confirming its accuracy:

  1. Click the Lock Commissions button at the top of the page.

    The Lock Period pop-up displays, requesting confirmation.

  2. Confirm by clicking the Lock button.

The Lock Commissions button changes to the Commit Commissions button.

The commissions are now locked. You can no longer change the amounts. You can’t pay commissions until you commit the Commission Profile. While the Profile is locked, the options to edit an order become unavailable.

Edit Order page (unlocked)
Image - Edit Order page (locked)

Adding Commission Payable and Paycheck Processing Fees

You can configure fees to cover expenses like paper, printing checks, etc.

Commission Payable Fee

The Commission Payable Fee charges to every commission period payable and Adjustment made.

Payables Fees column

This fee is charged when you commit a Commission Profile. To undo or edit the charge, create an Adjustment.

You can see the charge on the Payables page Fees column or in the Printable Paycheck Stub. The fee does not display on the Web Office Pay History page. So, if used, there will be a discrepancy in the total commission displayed.

Paycheck Processing Fee

The Paycheck Processing Fee is an Adjustment on every paycheck. It charges when you send approved payables to your payment provider. This fee appears on the Web Office Pay History report but not on the Payables or Approve Payment pages.

Processing Fee (Web Office Pay History page)

Adding a Fee

To add either fee:

  1. In Corporate Admin, navigate to: Settings > Advanced Settings > Commissions.

  2. In the Money-Out section, enter an amount to either the Commission Payable-level Fee and Paycheck-level Fee fields.

    Money Out section

    Enter the amount as a decimal: 2 = $2 and 2.5 = $2.50.

  3. Click the Save Changes button.

  The Commission Payable Fee can cause a negative amount if the payable is lower than the fee. If the same occurs with the Paycheck-level Fee, the system holds the payment until Admin approval.

Committing a Period

Commit Commissions button

Review the Commission Profile one final time. When everything is accurate:

  1. Click the Commit Commissions button.

    The Commit Commissions pop-up opens.

  2. Click the Commit button to confirm.

The commission run will go through the data and commit the commissions. Once committed, the amount is final. The Profile will only show commission for qualified Associates. Only after committing the Profile will hold/forfeited commission display.

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