Auditing Commission Profiles

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Commissions > Commission Runs > Commission Profile
Permission: ViewCommissions(), ProfileCommissions()

You can use a Commission Profile to see potential paid commissions for the period. The data shown in a profile is not final. It’s a view into the qualified Associates paid at the end of the period. Any payment held, forfeited, or otherwise deferred displays on the Payables page.

Paid amounts are only final with Committed Profiles.

Locating a Profile

On the Commission Runs page:

  1. Use the Period Selector to find the Commission Profile.

    The default range is the last seven days.

  2. Once located, click the View button.

    View button

This navigates you to the Commission Profile page, where you can begin auditing.

Auditing Process

  1. View the Commission Profile and inspect the numbers.

  2. If there is anything to change, use the Overrides page to adjust commission payments.

  3. Do the second round of auditing by another person to cover all bases.

  4. Make any further adjustments.

  5. Lock and commit the Commission Profile.

Auditing Tools

On the Commission Profile page, you can review various types of data.

Payment Pools

Payment Pools shows a breakdown of the commission payments by bonus.

Payment Pools section elements (Click to enlarge)
  1. Pool — The pool is a breakdown of the paid bonus types.

  2. Percent — Displays the percentages for each pool.

  3. Pool Amount — The pool amount calculates based on potential payout.

  4. Used — Based on qualification status, the amount paid out for the commission period.

  5. % Used —  The percentage of money used/paid from the pool amount.

  6. Remaining — The amount remaining equals the pool amount, minus the used amount.


Options section

The Options section displays the options and conditions programmed in the compensation plan. These are the qualifications achieved by the Associate to qualify for the bonuses.

Payout by Charts

The Payout by Associate Count and Payout by Amount charts work together. They give you a complete picture of your commission payout distribution. The payout amounts are split into dollar amount ranges (from under $50 to over $9000).

Payout by charts

Showing/Hiding the Charts

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Administration > Advanced Settings > Associate CRM
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

These charts are hidden by default. To show:

  1. Navigate to the Associates CRM page.

  2. Locate the CRM section.

  3. Select the Show / Hide (Payout by Associate Count, Payout by Amount) checkbox.

    Show / Hide (Payout by Associate Count
  4. Click Save Changes.

Payout by Associate Count

The first chart, Payout by Associate Count, shows the payout distribution for Associates. The amount of Associates displays on the left.


Due to a display error, the Associate count amounts show as currency ($1,258.00) instead of a count (1,258).

Associate count display error

This error only applies to the Payout by Associate Count chart.

The chart reports the amount and percentage of Associates paid at each dollar range.

Example range

As the preceding image shows, the period paid 1,258 Associates (46.28% of eligible Associates) under $50.

Payout by Amount

With the second chart, Payout by Amount, the emphasis is on the percentage of the total amount paid.

Example range

In the preceding image, $21,813.39 (2.99%) of the total commissions paid were in amounts under $50.

Comparing the Charts

Comparing the charts

So, if you take the two previous examples and compare them, the total picture is:

  • 2.99% ($21,813.39) of your commissions

  • Paid out in amounts under $50

  • To 46.28% (1,258) of your eligible Associates

Merchant Totals

This feature shows a breakdown of payout based on the payment method type. This should equal the Used amount that displays in Payment Pools.

Merchant Totals section

Rank Profiles

The rank profiles feature offers a breakdown of the paid Associates at each rank.

Rank Profiles section elements (Click to enlarge)
  1. Profile - Expand the profile name to display:

    • Included Associates in the Paid Count.

    • How much they are earning.

  2. Count - Total number of Associates at each rank. Clicking the link expands the profile.

  3. Paid Count - Number of Associates paid at that level. Clicking the link also expands the profile.

  4. Associate Profile - Displays the Associate’s name, ID, and the commission earned.

    • View Detail - When you select the View Detail button, it pulls up the logic behind the bonus payout in a pop-up window. This is a breakdown of how the system determined that they were eligible for the bonus.

    • Details - View the Associates that contributed to earning the bonus in a pop-up window.

Bonus Profiles

This is a grouping of the type of bonus paid out, regardless of rank. You can download each bonus profile to compare data.

Bonus Profiles section elements (Click to enlarge)
  1. Profile - If you expand the profile name, it displays all Associates included in the Paid Count and how much they’re earning.

  2. Count - This is the amount of each bonus paid out.

    Click the link to navigate you to a Bonus Detail page. There, you can view a breakdown of:

    • How much Volume the Associate had

    • From what order number it came

    • The Associate paid, etc.

    • This is a great resource to follow the trail of all the orders and figure out how everything is getting paid out.

  3. Download — Downloads a CSV file that contains:

    • The paid Associate’s name

    • The bonus they are earning

    • The individuals that contributed to them earning the bonus

Commission Details

With Commission Details, you can search for specific Associates to view the commission amount paid for the period.

Commission Details section elements (Click to enlarge)
  1. Search by - Select whether to search by Associate Name or ID, Order Number, or Any Field.

  2. Search Bar - Search by the selected query type above.

  3. Associate Profile - Displays the Associate’s name, ID, and the commission earned.

    • View Detail - When you select the View Detail button, it will pull up the logic behind the bonus payout. This is a breakdown of how the system determined that they were eligible for the bonus.

    • Details - View the Associates that contributed to earning the bonus.

      This is the same information that’s available in the downloadable CSV files.

With the first round of auditing complete, continue to the next section. There you’ll learn how to correct/adjust the commissions before they’re paid.

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