Setting up AutoShip Inventory Items

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Inventory > Products
Permission: ViewInventory()

For inventory items to appear in the AutoShip Store, you must add Stores and Order Types.

Finding the Settings

Products page

To get to the Item Detail page:

  • Click an item’s SKU link to edit the configuration.

  • Or, click the Add Item button to add a new item configuration.

Once on the Item Detail page, click on the Pricing tab.

Pricing tab

Adding Stores and Order Types

Price adjustment options
  1. Under the Pricing tab, either click the button to edit a price adjustment or add a new one by clicking the Add Price Adjustment button.

  2. Either way, the Price and Discounts pop-up window opens.

  3. In the pop-up, enter the data to suit your needs.

Price and Discounts pop-up

The main settings that pertain to AutoShips are:

  1. Under Targeting, click the Stores field and select Autoship.

  2. Under Targeting, click the Order Types field and select BOTH Standard and Autoship.

  3. When finished entering pricing data, click Set Price.

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