Using Offline Payments

Using Offline Payments gives you flexibility with the types of payments you accept. It allows Associates to create an order and pay for it at a later time using a third-party payment method, such as:

  • Cash

  • Paypal

  • Venmo

  • Apple Pay Cash

  • Bank Deposits

  • Any company’s accepted forms of payment

Adding Offline Payment Method

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Administration > Payment Methods
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale[ENVIRONMENT].com/Corporate/Admin/CountryPaymentMap
Permission: ViewAdministration()

The Offline Payment method is already enabled by default. If you need to, you can re-add it:

  1. In Corporate Admin, navigate to Administration > Payment Methods.

  2. Click the Add Payment Map button.

    The Create a Map pop-up window opens.

  3. Select the necessary Regions.

  4. From the Merchant dropdown, select Offline Payment.

  5. Select the Stores for the payment method.

  6. Click the Save changes button.

For more information, see Mapping Payment Providers.

Offline Payment Process

When checking out an order, an Associate has the option to select Offline Payment.

Add a Payment Method

When the Associate places the order, the order status is set as "Pending processing". The Associate receives a message (email, text, chat, etc.) with payment instructions.

Following the provided Offline Payment instructions, the Associate pays for the order. Once you receive the payment, you must change the order’s status to "Paid".

Paid status
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