Adding Social Posts

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Content Management > Social Posts
Permission: Social Posts

Social Posts provides Associates with content to share with their social media. Added posts appear in the Web Office Home > Quick Share widget.

Accessing the Configuration

  1. Click the ADD SOCIAL POST button to open the Add Social Post pop-up window.

  2. Enter a Name.

  3. Click the Type dropdown, and select the post type.

    • Pre-Written - Associates can repost a pre-written message ( “This company will change your life! Come join my team!”).
    • Writing Prompt - Prompts Associates to write their post (“Tell your friends how you got started!”).

    There are customer property variables you can add to your Sharing Text. Read more: Web Office User Data Variables.

Uploading an Image

  1. Under the Image section, click the CLICK TO SELECT IMAGE box.

    1. Your computer’s file finder dialog box will open.
    2. Navigate to your image, and click Open.

    Important: The image must be less than 50 MB, a JPG/PNG, and square (at least 600 x 600).

  2. Or, under the Image section, click the dropdown and select Enter Image URL.

    Use this when you host an image in a cloud-based app or your own CMS with a public URL. Use the complete URL including https:// (for example,

    1. In the Image URL text field, type the URL to the image file.
    2. When uploaded, the image section shows a preview of your image.

Saving the Social Post

  1. Click the Published toggle to publish now after you save the configuration.

    Or, you can publish the social post from the Social Posts List by clicking the icon.

  2. The rest of the settings are Multi-Faceted Configuration (MFC). Enter your specific configurations on who can view the social post.

  3. Once complete, click SAVE.

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