Can I Change a Customer ID (Back Office ID)?


Is there a safe way to change an Associate’s Customer ID (Back Office ID)?


A Customer ID is not meant to be edited but more a “set and forget” unique identifier; it should never change.

However, if you’ve exhausted all other options and you must change a Customer ID:

  1. Contact Customer Care. Under their guidance:

    • Ensure that the proposed Customer ID is unique and not a duplicate.
    • Using the Data Editor:
      1. Select the CRM_Distributors table.
      2. Edit the BackOfficeID column for the Associate needing a change.
      3. Click the icon to set the value.
  2. For the change to work correctly, request Customer Care reset your cache.

  3. Perform a Hard Refresh on the Azure Search index.

    Read how: Setting Associate Search Tools

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