Editing Associates

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Find Associates > Associate Detail > Edit Associate
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale.com/Corporate/CRM/EditAssociate?id=[ASSOCIATE_ID]
Permission: EditAssociate()

You can update Associate information after creation or enrollment.

To edit an Associate:

  1. In Corporate Admin, find and select an Associate to navigate to their Detail page.

  2. Click the Edit Associate button.

    Edit Associate button

The following are the form field definitions:

Edit Associate page elements (Click to enlarge)
  1. Display First and Last Name - The name that appears in the system.

  2. Birth Date - Associate’s birth date.

  3. Romanized First and Last Name - Used in markets where local laws require Legal First Name to be hidden.

  4. Legal First and Last Name - Used in markets where local laws require Legal First Name to be hidden.

  5. Company Name - Associate’s company name.

  6. TaxID/FIN/SSN - Associate’s TaxID, Federal Identification Number, or Social Security Number.

    Because this is a secure field, the number is hidden with asterisks except for the last four numbers. To update the number in any way, you have to clear the field (including the asterisks) and enter the full number again. Updating the last four digits will not affect.

  7. Secondary Phone - Associate’s "evening phone".

  8. Associate Type - Used to change the Associate’s customer type.

  9. Primary Phone - Associates "daytime phone".

  10. Text Number - Associates "mobile number".

  11. E-Mail Address - Associate’s email address.

  12. Tax Exempt - Indicate tax exempt status.

  13. Tax Resale Number - Also known as a reseller’s permit, reseller’s license, or sales tax identification number.

  14. Language - Preferred language set on the Associate’s account.

  15. Associate and Shipping Address - The shipping address used for ordering. This could be a PO Box, separate from the Associate’s legal address.

      The Associate can update their Primary/Secondary Phone, Text Number, Email Address, and Address through their Web Office (Settings > Account > Personal Info widget); however, they will have to call in to change their Display First and Last Names and Shipping Address.
  16. Back - Returns you to the Associate’s Detail page.

  17. Save Changes

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