Removing Associate Payment Cards

If you or an Associate want to remove a payment credit or debit card from their account, this can be accomplished in a few ways:

Removing Using the Add Payment Method Widget

Site: Web Office
Page: Settings > Billing

If you have the Settings > Billing > Add Payment Method widget, you can remove the added cards by clicking the icon next to each card.

Delete Payment Method

Removing While Placing a Web Office Order

Site: Web Office
Page: Orders > Place an Order

You can also remove the payment cards from the Checkout page of an order.

  1. Create a new order by adding an item to the cart and clicking the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button on the sidebar.

    Proceed to Checkout button
  2. Click the dropdown under PAYMENT CARD.

  3. Click the icon on each card you want to remove.

    Trash icon

Removing While Placing a Corporate Admin Order

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Search Associates > Associate Detail > Corporate Shop
Permission: CreateOrder()

You can remove the payment cards in Corporate Admin by creating a New Corporate Order.

  1. Navigate to the Associate’s Detail page.

  2. Click the New Corporate Order button.

  3. Add an item to the cart and click Checkout.

    Checkout button
  4. Under the Payment Method section, click the X on each card you want to remove.

    Delete icon

Removing From the Data Editor

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Tools > Developer Tools > Data Editor
Permission: EditSqlEditorAdvanced()

  Updating Database records directly bypasses the DirectScale software business logic, which has the potential to cause serious problems. Only corporate Administrators with the proper permissions should attempt.

You can remove a payment method by deleting its row from the CRM_Payments table using the Data Editor.

  1. Navigate to the Data Editor.

  2. Under the Visual tab, select the CRM_Payments table from the sidebar.

    CRM_Payments table
  3. Click the Filters button.
    Filters button
  4. Under Filter Data:

    Filter Data
    1. Click the Column dropdown and select DistributorID.

    2. Click the Operator dropdown and select =.

    3. Enter the Associate’s DirectScale ID (Associate ID) in the Value field.

  5. Click the Add Filter button. An additional Filter Data section appears:

    Add Filter button
    New Filter Data section
    1. Click the Column dropdown and select Input2.

    2. Click the Operator dropdown and select =.

    3. Enter the payment card’s last four digits in the Value field.

  6. Click Get Data.

    Get Data button
  7. Click the checkbox to select the row.

    Checkbox selection
  8. Click Delete Row.

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