Release Notes: October 15, 2020


Here’s what’s new with DirectScale the week of October 15th, 2020.

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🎁 New Features and 🌟 Enhancements for All!

🌟 Improved! Populated CRM_Merchants Table for All Clients [Corp Amin] The CRM_Merchants table was blank in all client's databases. This made it difficult for our clients to connect the dots concerning which merchants are which. We populated the valid merchant records from commissions DB to the client DBs.

🌟 Improved! Custom Notification [Web Office Amin] Updated default settings for new client provisioning to use the custom notification feature by default.

🔮 Upcoming! Improved Unified Checkout Experience [Retail Site] Our teams are constantly working to improve the shopping experience and right now they are busy working on a whole new way to shop and checkout. Keep your eye on the release notes in the next few weeks to see what’s coming and how to take advantage of these new features.


🐞 Bugs That Have Been Squashed

🐞Fixed: TaxJar not passing Product_Tax_Code [Corp Admin] Product_Tax_Code was not being passed to TaxJar when passing tax information. In order for TaxJar to properly account for tax exemptions they needed this code.

🐞Fixed: Shipping Methods where a country is split into multiple regions [Retail Site] Radio button was not selected by default if shipping method did not match shipmethodID 1. This affected new sign ups where multiple regions were set up for a single country. If the region they lived in was different from the default one that showed in the UI, the shipping method would change once they entered their address but was not “selected” in the back end and resulted in the wrong shipping method on the order, once placed. 

🐞Fixed: “LoginOrAuthentication” Advanced Settings [Web Office Admin] These settings allowed the admin to override “from” name and email address for Reset Password email. Changes in the Third-party ESP required a change in these settings in order to be able to override.


📘 Help Center and Training

📘New! Updating Your Employee Profile [Video] Added this video to help users who want visual and audio instruction.

📘New! Capped Volume Rank Details [Developers] Added this new article to teach users how to create this widget for their Web Office Home page.

📘New!  Entering Your Replicated Site URL [Video] Added this video to help users who want visual and audio instruction.

📘New! Page Templates [Developers] Added this new information about how to keep setting references in the code.

📘New! Managing and Localizing Text Elements [Developers] Added this new developer resource about how to use the translate attribute to assign a string key to an HTML elements instead of hard-coding the static text.

📘New! Customizing the Product Description and Specifications [Developers] Added this new developer resource about how to work-around the eCommerce fixed Product Detail Page Template.

🌟 Improved! Initial eCommerce Shop Guide Introduction [Article] Added a little more explanation about what the eCommerce Shop in the introduction.

🌟 Improved! Testing Money Out Commission Payments [Article] Added information about testing with different currencies.

🌟 Improved! Custom Configurations with the DirectScale Query Language [Article] Added more information about the IsImpersonated rule in MFC.

🌟 Improved! Customizing the Checkout Page [Article] Added more information about adding credit card logos.

🌟 Improved! Adding eCommerce Shop Navigation Links [Article] Added more information about the Show Menu toggles.

🌟 Improved! Deciding Corporate Office Nomenclature [Article] Added more information.

🌟 Improved! Customizing the Header in the Shop Site [Article] Added more show Right Menu information.

🌟 Improved! Various Updates [Article] Fixed the Price Type, WebID, Customer Type, and Web Category references to their other known names in the platform and linked to their individual resources in the Setting Up AutoShip Shopping Carts For Web Office and Setting Up AutoOrder Shopping Carts For the eCommerce Shop articles.


🔮 What Cool Things Are We Working On?

  • Improving shipping package support and stock level enhancements
  • Unifying the Admin experience across all our tools.
  • Ongoing enhancements to improve Retail Admin’s ease of use and add new configurable settings.
  • We are documenting the Advanced Settings for all three applications.
  • We are gathering more code examples and documentation for developers.

Is something missing from this list? Report bugs that you find to our amazing Support Team by chatting with them from the platform or submitting a request here.  

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Are we missing an article, video, or training resource? Add your request for new documentation or training ideas in the comments here.



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