Release Notes: September 23, 2021


Here’s What’s New with DirectScale for the Week of September 23, 2021

Version: 1.0.4885.0

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🐞 Twitter Share Site Links Showed No Preview

When you copied a Share Link from the Web Office Documents & Media page and pasted it into Twitter to share via a tweet, the link showed no preview image as it does on other platforms. This was due to a minor bug that we’ve fixed for this release.

So now, when you paste links into Twitter, a preview will display along with it.

✅ Improved Web Office Checkout Terms and Conditions Settings

In Web Office Admin, there’s a toggle called VisaComplianceAgreements that turns on/off the checkboxes found on a Web Office Checkout page.

To improve upon this, you can now turn off each checkbox, eliminating the ones you don’t need. The toggles to do so are:

  • Order > CancellationRefund_Order

  • AutoOrder > CancellationRefund_Autoship

  • AutoOrder > TermsofSale_Autoship

It’s important to note that the TermsandConditionsForCustomers_Order, TermsandConditionsForDistributors_Order, TermsandConditionsForCustomers_Autoship, and TermsandConditionsForDistributors_Autoship settings will display if VisaComplianceAgreements is turned on and can’t be turned off independently.

Read how in Showing/Hiding Web Office Terms and Conditions Checkboxes.

🧰 Additional Changes

  • Improved performance of Report Center data retrieval for large organizations.
  • Improved performance for large Branding SVG icons.

📘 Help Articles and Documentation



The following had various improvements and fixes such as typos, new images, updated formatting/structure, or rewritten:

🌄 What’s on the Horizon?

  • Updates to the Get Items by Filter/Id/SKU Public APIs to return more data
  • New Public API to validate webaliases while also validating against client-specific blocked words
  • Adding a PriceGroup field to the Import External Order Public API
  • Redesigning the Corporate Admin UI
  • New dashboard and reports
  • Corporate Admin Settings Reference Guide

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