Release Notes: October 8, 2021


Here’s What’s New with DirectScale for the Week of October 8th, 2021

Version: 1.0.4901.0

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🎁 More Fields Added to Get Items Public API

For the Public API, we’ve added additional fields to the endpoints that retrieve inventory item data. These include:

With the additional included data, these endpoints are now more helpful and accurate. The added fields include:

  • StockLevels (on parent and OptionsMap)

    • TrackStock

    • Available

    • OutOfStock

  • CategoryId

  • ItemOptions

  • OptionsMap

  • KitGroups

  • BillOfMaterials

  • HasOptions

  • Custom

  • Prices

  • Images

  • Languages

  • OutOfStockStatus

For more information on the purpose of these fields, see Configuring Inventory Item Data.

🌍 Nexio Payment Method Pop-up Shows Translations During Enrollment

For those using Nexio as their payment processor, when a new Associate enrolls, the pop-up that contains the form to add a new payment method can now be translated into the Associate’s native language, rather than always defaulting to English.

✔ Coupon Validation Ignores Voided Orders

When single-use coupons are redeemed on an order, they can no longer be used. However, if the order is then canceled or declined, the coupon was still showing as redeemed. We’ve fixed this defect so that the customer can still redeem their coupons after an order has failed.

🧰 Additional Changes

  • Nexio money-in integrations can now accept Australian dollars (AUD)

  • Improved Associate data retrieval for the Web Office Report Center

📘 Help Articles and Documentation

🌄 What’s on the Horizon?

  • New events to support Shopify integration

  • New Public API endpoints to retrieve client settings

  • Adding a PriceGroup field to the Import External Order Public API

  • Redesigning the Corporate Admin UI

  • New dashboard and reports

  • Corporate Admin Settings Reference Guide

🙏 Is something missing from this list? Report bugs that you find to our amazing Customer Care team by chatting in from the Platform or submitting a request.

💡 Are we missing an article, video, or training resource? Add your request for new documentation or training ideas in the comments.



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